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3 October, 2019

Fame at last!

We were thrilled to get the chance to talk to readers of The Daily Express all about ethical farming just recently. A visit from the lovely Mary Isokariari, lifestyle journalist for the paper, resulted in her grabbing a camera and asking all about how we rear our pigs. To the highest possible welfare standards, was the answer!

Look out for Carolyn holding forth on @dailyexpresslifestyle and thank you to Mary for a great chance to show off how happy our pigs are here at The Devon Spotted Pig.

4 July, 2019


The weather certainly smiled on us for our superb photo shoot, didn’t it?

We were thrilled that the wonderful Steven Haywood found time in his schedule to do this shoot for us. He’s usually somewhat busy shooting for The National Trust and other major clients so we were super-grateful to persuade him along to our little corner of East Devon. “It helps that my mum and dad live nearby, so I could pop in and see them,” Steve admitted.

30 June, 2019

Oh what a night!

Here at The Devon Spotted Pig, we love a party – so we threw one! To celebrate the opening of our gorgeous new holiday home Wild Oak Barn, we invited some of our best friends in the media to come and stay – and, of course, eat.